5 Year Anniversary! WE ARE BACK PODCAST EP 153

So after a few months of hiatus, And Izak147 losing his job, we are officially back! New podcast format is a biweekly podcast with some placeholder radios episodes sprinkled in. Minimum 2 episodes a month. Goal is 4 episodes per month. (2 placeholders and 2 podcasts) 


Its taken over 4 Years but we promised you guys we will be making another lets play in monopoly


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Team Vindex Update 11-06-2016

Whats up guys! Its been a while since we have had an update and i do apologize for not having consistent with our content. Most of you listening to the podcast are aware of why that is and for those of you who dont its because I (izak147) have been going through a hell of a career starting process with another startup company all the while having some issues recording in the environment we currently live in so we are looking for another place and a new office for Team Vindex. Either way We have added EnjoyFIner to the Team Vindex Family so ya'll should check that out youtube.com/enjoyfiner And here are just a handfull of videos to hold you over for a while 

Team Vindex Update 6.2.2016

Hey Guys it has been a while since our last update however I did wanna let you all know that we are somewhat back into regular production. We have been getting back into our regular production schedule slowly so bare with us. 

First things first, Theres a podcast so go listen (actually a few episodes so listen anyway) 

Click the button here to go to the show or click the video to go watch the Replay of the livestream. 

We also did a few tech videos and Episode 3 of how to podcast, check em here


Whats up guys Izak147 here from TeamVindex bringing you another episode with the og crew! We got Kenny, Alberto and Izak bringing you another hilarious episode of the Team Vindex Podcast.  Click the Button to listen on the Site. Click the video to watch the Stream replay and of course download the show on Itunes Stitcher and Tune IN 

Podcast Out Now On #Itunes #Stitcher And #TuneIn

Whats Up Guys! Izak147 here bringing you another weekly update. We had a blast last weekend however this weekend we toned it down a tad, We got a new episode of the podcast On Itunes Stitcher and Tune In. You KnoW the rules, You can always watch the VOD Replay by clicking on the YouTube Video or click the black button to be pushed straight to the podcast on our site. Check It Dont Wreck It!

We Also got a Cheeky new episode of Everyones Favorite Couple Simon And Laura With DateNight in MineCraft