Team Vindex Massive Update 12.7.2015

Whats up guys it has been a while since we have given you an update on the site. We explained why in the previous posts and though things have gotten a little better we are slowly getting back into our editing grind. So, till we get back to our usual schedule check out all the content you missed right here! Happy holidays foo!

Get Your Lunch On People! TV Lunchcast Sausage

This is one of those videos where most of the instructions are skippable by just buying ground pork and not stuffing it into a casing. However for those of you who like to grind your own and stuff your own, This Ones For you!

#TeamVindex #Podcast Ep 95 Out Now

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#Interview with #KuroshiMichi out now!

Whats up guys Izak147 here bringing you a special treat on this most glorious of tuesdays. I got the special chance to be the first person to interview League of Legends community Vine star Kuroshi Michi! If your a fan or a member of the League of Legends community you have most likely come across some of her vines so I hope you enjoy this Interview as much as I enjoyed producing it. 

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