Podcast, Videos And Simons Bae? Yes Please

Whats up guys its been a while since theres been a post on the home page but here we are and man do we have content for you. Starting off with this weeks episode of the Team Vindex Podcast available now on Itunes, Stitcher, Tune In and The Site (By Clicking the Big Button) or if you wanna watch the video replay of the screen click on the youtube video 

Of Course We Also Have Another Video For Ya, A New Series Called Simon Talks Check it below

And Lets Not Forget, Simon And Lauras First Date In MineCraft

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Whats up guys! Were all back this week for a spanking new episode of the Team Vindex Podcast...yes i Mean WE ARE ALL BACK. With the usual mics since we recorded in the studio this week. sorry about last episodes  Mic experiment we were shooting on location. So sit back, grab a cold one and enjoy our crisp clean usual audio. (seriously grab a cold one all four of us get pretty drunk) 

The shows available for download Via Itunes, Stitcher, Tune In, Our Site (The Button below) and for those of you who wanna watch the video version CLICK THE VIDEO


Team Vindex Massive Update 12.7.2015

Whats up guys it has been a while since we have given you an update on the site. We explained why in the previous posts and though things have gotten a little better we are slowly getting back into our editing grind. So, till we get back to our usual schedule check out all the content you missed right here! Happy holidays foo!

Team Vindex Update 8.11.2015

Whats up guys! Izak147 here from TeamViindex bringing you a bit of an update as to whats going on with Team Vindex. 


For starters we apologize for not giving you a podcast for 2 weeks in a row or any supporting content to ensureyou stay entertained. We have been rather busy creating a new office. For the most part This seize in the creation of content is actually my fault (izak). 


I have to be realistic for a change here and fill you in on whats been happening lately. As I've spent the better part of this year dealing with my mortality (through multiple illnesses) I have pretty much hit rock bottom. Ive lost my job and gotten into serious debt and because of that I've been looking for work non stop. I have had a few interviews which unfortunately did not go my way. 


One interview was with IBuyPower Pc and though it seemed like they really wanted me to work with them because they loved my work for previous employers they ended up not hiring me due to some footage they wanted me to shoot. It was supposed to be a video showcasing my keyboard and mouse shot with my equipment and as many of you know we dont really have the best equipment here.


Though they thought my editing was great they did not like my lighting or my video quality of the video I had submitted and thus didn't give me the job. This was a huge blow and they made it seem like i lied about my work experience. Im not sure if they can understand that just because I dont own a Dslr and light boxes doesn't mean i cant create content for a company that has this equipment. I was left out to dry and now im back to being on the search for employment


Team Vindex is my baby, it was born when I had lost another job and now that I am again unemployed Im stuck at this crossroad. Team Vindex does actually require lots of money to run and since im the only one who pays for it im kinda screwed. I have decided that I will never be turned down for a job because of my image quality of lighting ever again and such we moved the office to a new location. At this location we are building a photo studio that I will use to create a portfolio to get a job. I need to buy a dslr and lighting equipment and I will work hard to get a decent paying job.


Once this is achieved I will be able to fund Team Vindex Properly. For the time being production of individual videos will slow down to a dead crawl. we will still do weekly podcasts when we can however our other videos will be uploaded in slower increments. 


I apologize for this and it hurts really bad however I need to get employed asap and because of that I need to sacrifice Team Vindex even if just for a short while in order to do so. Stick with us and you will see Team Vindex rise to the ranks of media behemoths like Rooster Teeth this is a promise. We wont give up and heck I wont give up. So please give some help if you can. We appreciate it. 


Sorry for the long post guys but hopefully you are here with me through thick and thin. I want to succeed and I want to inspire. Now you all know that I am human as well. Thank you very much and have a wonderful week.