Jim Beam Devils Cut Enjoy Finer Review

Enjoy Finer

Jim Beams Devils Cut



Everyone knows that when you place bourbon into the barrel to age during the hot summer months the wood expands to let bourbon in and during the cool nights it contracts and pushes the bourbon out. Filtering out some harsher tones and impurities. However as this happens throughout the course of 3 years,  some of the bourbon evaporates. Those in the industry refer to this as the Angels Share.

However, some brilliant person in Jim Beans marketing department thought “Hey if the angels get some what does the devil get?” and thus Devils Cut was born.


Essentially, they theorized that bourbon gets trapped deep inside the wood and through some magical technique the geniuses at Jim Beam are somehow able to extract that bourbon and add it to some existing bourbon to make a deeper more developed bourbon without the need to age it for 8 years like their black label.

So this is the question. If you want a deeper bourbon from Jim Beam should you get the Black Label (8 Years Of Age) or the Devils Cut? Is it just a gimmick ?


Lets find out.

Jim Beams Devils Cut brings an absolutely aggressive nose upon sampling the glass. The alcoholic sting sings to the tune of Slayers Raining Blood as it is sharp, aggressive and distorted beyond any recognition. However some mellow tones of sandle wood and burn caramel come to mind with an anise seed and minty overtone to cool down the nostrils as relief for the undeniable searing hot scorching pain that’s brought on by the alcohol.  


Upon the first taste (which was debatably my first taste in a very longtime) was taking a page from George RR Martin by rolling down like a Song of Ice and Fire. Almost too much burn for the first sip and I didn’t really get much of a an overview on the palette. However, once my standards were raised and my mouth braced for the impact I went in for a second round.

This time it was absolute magic. Deep earthy wood tones from the barrel the amount of char was well pronounced and smokey. Dark charred caramel and filthy vanilla notes ring in harmony and the finish of mint and anise seed help calm the fiery burn from the alcohol. If wood is supposed to mellow out your bourbon, one can only imagine that extracting that from the wood would just amplify the heat.


Overall should you pick this bottle up instead of Jim Beam Black Label? Well yes and no. Really its an amazing bottle to try and an amazing experience. If you have already tried black label and are looking for something new then yes try this bottle. And if you haven’t than grab Devils Cut and Black label and compare yourself. I wont say which one is better because that is down to each individuals opinion, however for the price point (same as black label) Id like to keep devils cut on my shelf as something for when I would like to spike my evening with something that’s just a bit more aggressive.


Overall I would like to give Jim Beams Devils Cut a 4 Out of 5. Try it for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by, Cheers! 

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