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Jim Beam White Labe

Oh My, Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Enjoy Finer. Do I Have a doozey for you. Were talking about Bourbon Today, and not just any bourbon. Jim Beam White Label. Sure most of you will knock it and call it dirt whiskey do to its mass production and grocery store price. But do not underestimate this bourbon because of its price or its ease of access at your grocery store. This is as much of an American Classic as Jack Daniels.

Now as someone who spends lots of time barbequing and making videos I seldom catch myself without a cocktail in my hands or a pint nearby. However as an everyday dose of thisbeautiful medicine I am not one to reach for a 20 or 30 dollar bottle from my bar.  I like to reach for something within the 12 to 15 dollar range and lets face it, were getting pretty close to the bottom of the barrel if we do so. However with Jack Daniels being the Number 1 most produced whiskey with the largest market share world wide Jim Beam Comes as a close second. The price of Jim Beam is only a few dollars lower than Jack Daniels but no one seems to frown upon that square shaped bottles glory. I think its rather unfair as Jim Beam definitely has a place on your shelf as an everyday sipper and a wonderful tool for making cocktails.

 Now on to what you can expect with Jim Beams White Label bottle.

After pouring into our tasting glass your going to get a powerful nose consisting of very little alcoholic burn but pure fresh notes of vanilla, jasmine and caramel. The Jasmine not being the most unexpected however as mellow as this bourbon is there is an amazing bouquet that pronounces itself with the dexterity of a southern lady of the house sipping on Jasmine Tea. She is wearing a beautiful white summer dress and an well pruned hat to keep the hot southern sun out of her eyes. Coming along side this beautiful jasmine note simple notes of biscuits and toffee can be detected as if you were a stranger walking past this amazing afternoon tea party

 Bottled at 80 proof 40 Percent ABV one can expect that beautiful clean vanilla tone to show you what shes really like once you bring her home. She loses her fresh clean demeanor and lets you know that she is a very filthy vanilla. Similar to a filthy vanilla who had daddy issues growing up and now just wants to rebel at any turn in her life. The caramel comes in strong and stout like a Scottish bouncer at that sketchy nightclub around the corner and there is a little bit of a clove and star anise seed heat that washes over your mouth once that alcoholic finish comes in to cleanse the palate.

 All in all this is an amazing bourbon to try straight from a tasting glass or chilled and diluted with a few rocks for easier drinking. For its price one would think a shot glass might call this bourbon to the tune of a heavier song however, this bourbon is a well dressed lady who only shows you her wild side when your alone, not with your friends. Keep her in a beautiful glass for sipping as she demands the respect.

Jim Beams White Label is available nearly everywhere with a price point of 10 to 14 dollars and has an option to purchase in a plastic bottle netting you more savings and the initial return upon recycling said bottle.

Im giving Jim Beams White Label a 5/5 for its taste, consistency and ultra low price and that unexpected wow factor. Cheers! 


Whats up guys Izak147 here from Enjoy Finer doing a review for Jim Beam Bourbon White Label. This is an amazing example of what mass produced super market Bourbon should aim to achieve as far as consistent deep flavor. Enjoy!