Ep 4 This Is Jalune

Team Vindex Podcast Episode 4

“This is Jalune”

Whats up guys this week the Team Vindex Podcast made up for the short episode from last week by making a LONG episode this week. So your still getting your weekly dosage from us. We are enablers. Heres what we talked about this week

Howling abyss map, George Killians, HomeBrewed, Alberto Izak Video Project, House Cleaning, New Service and Website Maitenance, Porn Industry, Audio Nazis,Texas, Giant Snails, Tarantula Hawks, Lisps, Fleas, Mexican Xmas, Grammar Police, Nose Jobs, Southern Country, Iron Man 3, Misophobia, Squirrels, Alamao Draft House, People Talking In Theatres, The Fear Of Fears, Ripped Men, Foot Fetishes, RT Podcast, Ventchat, Pop Culture References, 90’s Music, Flubber, Airplane Exploding Video, Physics, Marble Blast Ultra, Corn Men, World of Warcraft, World of Warplans, BattleField Series, Destiny, Chrom Hounds, Olevia Tv, Assassins Creed 3, League Talk, Zunes, Meat Factory, Weight Loss, Spicy Mustard By Stone, Dove Fat Chicks, Adams Apples, Losing Squish, D For Diploma

As For The League of legends Portion Skip Forward Till 1 hours 45minutes where we discuss League of Legends Tips and Tricks by answering listener questions.

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