Ep 5 The Feels Bro

Team Vindex Podcast Episode 5

The Feels Bro

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Whats up Guys, izak147 here welcoming you to our new temporary podcast location here on youtube! As a reminder, the reason the podcast is being posted to youtube and not to the site is due to server malfunction and on going maintenance. However we kind of like youtube as another outlet for the podcast so once the sit is up and running we will be placing the podcast directly on the site As well as youtube. Only makes sense since Team Vindex started out on youtube. Here are the show notes for this week

Team Vindex Podcast Episode 5

“The Feels Bro”

Whats up guys, sorry for not being here for a week but even us hard working producers here at Team Vindex need a vacation every now and then, so without further ado We Are BacK! Although this week @alberticus_ could not join us the podcast still went on without him with your 3 other favorite hosts.  This week was heavily gaming influenced for the first portion of the podcast and we gave yo alittle bit of an inside scoop about our upcoming table top game production of DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS ADVENTURES and we went way in depth over the new Microsoft Xbox One. If You’re here For the League oF Legends portion aka Aftershow of the podcast go ahead and skip on till 2 hours 17 minutes! Otherwise noted here are the things we talked about this week

Site maintenance,Xbox One Reveal, Rift F2p, League Of Legends, Mass Effect, Lets Plays, World of Warcraft,  Tinas Adventures Dlc for Borderlands 2, DND, Demon Jesters, Drunk Shaco Gameplay, Intros Character Videos, Isaac losing His Voice, Adobe Creative Cloud, Girl Talk, Knotts Berry Farm, Killians And Beer, Hbo Porn, Kinect, Call Of Duty Ghosts, The Feels, Dogs, Dying, Dable, Dead Rising, La Noir, Red Dead Redemption, Guy On Guy, RockBand, Guitar Hero, The Sims, Diablo Free To Play, Blizzard, Micro Soft partners Nfl, Halo, Halo Tv Show,

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