Ep 1 A Spam Of Jar

Team Vindex Podcast Episode 1 4/19/2013

“A Spam Of Jar”

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What up guys, Izak147 here from the Team Vindex Podcast bringing You our long awaited, long announced, and long overdue podcast with EPISODE 1!  We specialize this podcast in being a informative podcast about Team Vindex to give you the heads up with what is going on in Team Vindex. Of course we also talk about other forms of media , entertainment, Video Games, and technology. If you are into the Esports scene join us in the After show of the Podcast where we discuss pro player tips about getting better in League Of Legends! Here is everything we talked about and if you only want to listen to the League Of Legends Stuff just fast forward to 1:38:00 in the show

Stone Brewing Odd Beer Odd Year

Stone Brewing Imperial Russian Stout Espresso

Widmer Brothers IPA

Dark Souls The Game

Planes Planes Lots Of Planes

Train Simulator

Fertilizer Plant Explosion In Texas

Boston Bombinb

EA Games

EA CEO Resigning

CounterStrike Global

Dungeons And Dragons

Bruce Willis Ugly Daughter

Sarah Jean Underman

Fat Chicks


After Show IE league of Legends Show we discussed Zyra and support tips!

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