Ep 7 Smile For The Camera

The Team Vindex Podcast 

Episode 7 “Smile For The Camera”

Whats up guys, Izak147 here from TeamVindex.Net, This week we are celebrating 10000 views on youtube by giving you a video version of the podcast. Well, a test run anyway to learn how to operate with camera equipment in our studio. Check it out at youtube.com/teamvindex So this version of the podcast is the Audio version of said video podcast. We hope you enjoy and let us now if you did thank you :]

This week the guys and eve talked about E3, World Wide Developer Conference, Mac VS Windows, Samsung, Revolve Clothing, Game Communities, LOL going to shit, WOW, Challenge Mode, Scarlet Monastary, Nokia Ngage, BlackBerrys, Iphones, So Cal Accents, Boobs, Aley Crendall, Zingers, Team Siren, Jungling, Top lane, Twisted Tree Line, Allister Support.

If you only want the league portion Skip to 2 Hours 18 Minutes

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