Ep 8 Mavericks Of The Console War

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The Team Vindex Podcast
Episode 8 “Mavericks Of The Console War”

Whats up guys, Izak147 here from TeamVindex.Net, This Time Around we did another video podcast in the hopes of making up for last weeks battery failure. Your currently listening to the audio portion, but check out our youtube channel at youtube.com/teamvindex later this week to see the full video podcast.

This week the guys and eve talked about E3, World Wide Developer Conference, The New Mac Pro,Iphones, Windows Phones, Android, XboxOne, Dvrs, Xbox One Price, Korean game developers, kinect camera, skype for xbox, half life 2, google fiber, ants, Japanese porn, Stress testing devices for porn, nsa, cloud computing, smash brothers brawl, team plasma, Mario games, batman origins, bayonetta, dead rising 3, duck tales, kingdom hearts 3, windwaker, hot sauce, ninja gaiden z and much much more

If you only want the league portion Skip to 2 Hours 52 Minutes

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