Ep 9 Heres The Thing About Drinking

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Episode 9 “Heres The Thing About Drinking”

Whats up guys! Izak147 here from TeamVindex.net bringing you yet again another episode of the Team Vindex Podcast. So this week we did another video podcast so check  that out later on this week and lets just say one of us had a little too much to drink.

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This week on the podcast ApplePieMan42 had some business to take care of so he wasn’t able to make it, however, he was graciously replaced by a bottle of whiskey! Which Alberticus decided he wanted drink the spiritual embodiment of Kenny and he did. All of it. We apologize in advance for the distorted audio in certain areas since alberto was so drunk he decided to grab his mic and yell into it at times.  But bsides that we talked about bjs, sex and the city, beer, wine, cheese, Microsofts Drm Policies, Ps4, Ps Plus, Cheetoes, Denzel Washington, Liquier, Whiskey and The M Word.

We know we kept it brief this time to give you a break from the 4 hour shows.

If you only want the league portion Skip to 1 Hour 35 Minutes

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