Ep 6 My Son The Cheese

The Team Vindex Podcast

“Episode 6 My Son The Cheese”

Whats up internet! Izak147 here from the Team Vindex Podcast. Just a few words before you get to the shownotes, I just wanted to say that all of us here at TeamVindex are  excited to bring you the new website www.teamvindex.net  I know it currently looks alittle choppy, however, now we have our freedom which is something we didn’t have before so we can edit this new living website into an amazing multi user friendly experience! Just remember to share the word that TeamVindex.Com no longer exists and as such no one should go to the dot com website ever again. Just remember its TeamVindex.Net! stay tuned for future updates from us here at Team Vindex as we start implanting all our videos into our video feed as well as the new bi weekly comic series! Of course make sure to stay tuned for all the new productions heading right towards you later this year. Now for the show which by the way is now available on Itunes!

This week the cast and crew here at Team Vindex discussed the new .net website as well as whats going on in the gaming industry. Some more xbox talk was thrown around and @Alberticus_ talked about chivalry and his sadistic game play. If you’re here for the League Of Legends Portion of the podcast feel free to skip to 1 Hour and 16 minutes where we answered some listener questions and got dared to do stuff. Heres the rest of the things we mentioned

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