Ep 15 Video, Beer, And Bird Calls

The Team Vindex Podcast
Ep 15 Video, Beer, And Bird Calls

Whats up guys izak 147 here from The Team Vindex Podcast. This Is the Audio Only Version Of Show, To Check Out The Full Audio Video Version Go To Our Youtube Channel At Youtube.com/teamvindex

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So this week on the Team Vindex Podcast we brought back the good ol video portion of the show so check out the video at youtube.com/teamvindex  . Other Than That this week we talked about current Team Vindex Productions, Editing The Beer Video, Tasting My latest HomeBrew,  Vape Pens, Kenny Tasting Things He Shouldn’t, Twitch Streaming, BFF Moments, TV.TV, Spring Breakers Suck, Nintendo 3ds, Sells, Profit Margins, Jukebox Phones, Work Ethic, Respecting Hard Workers VS Ass Kissers Who Kiss Ass And Try To Impress And Not Work Hard, CrackDown, And Dead Rising 2, Bioshock Infinite DLC, World Of Warcraft Subscribers Lost,  AND MORE!!!!

(yes we forgot to press record on the camera for a few minutes)

For The League Portion Fast Forward To 1 hour 55 Minutes 35 Seconds!

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