Ep 20 Lawn the Mow

The Team Vindex Podcast
EP 20 Lawn The Mow

Whats up guys izak 147 here from The Team Vindex Podcast, Its episode 20!! Which means it is divisible by 5....which means it’s a VIDEO episode. So if your listenging to this on itunes, sticher, or our site check youtube.com/teamvindex to watch the live video feed With minimal editing to get that Behind The Scenes feel.

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So this week on the Team Vindex Podcast we talked about well…everything and nothing. We had a guest host RAGINGFLAMINGO who is our resident high elo player at Team Vindex filling in for Alberticus. We figured since Alberticus does all the emails and stuff we weren’t going to steal his thunder so we just did a kick back and talk about what ever episode. Hope you enjoy!!

League Portion…is all over the show so your just gonna have to listen to the whole thing.

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This weeks outro song was done by INSTALOK. The song is called “What Does Teemo Say?”


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