Podcast, Lets Play And Contest!! WHAT

Whats Up Guys Izak147 here letting you know that Episode 26  of The Team Vindex Podcast Is ready to download or stream on Itunes, Stitcher, Youtube and Our Website Right Here . Hope you all enjoy it and for your pleasure i have attached the youtube version down below 

We have also released another lets play on our channel. This week its a Lets Play in Hearthstone: Heroes Of WarCraft. Unfortunately we lost the 3rd part so this is actually the 4th part but its being labled as the 3rd Part.  


And the contest is still going so make sure to participate in that for some free riot points! heres the rules  

Follow us On Twitter @TeamvVindex and Write a tweet with #TeamVindexPodcast to be entered in a contest to win free stuff! 

First Prize gets a $25 dollar RP card for League of Legends, A Personalized Gift From The Cast and Crew and the winners Twitter gets plugged every week on the Team Vindex Podcast for a month!

2nd Prize gets a $10 dollar RP card for league of legends

And 3rd Prize Gets a $5 dollar RP Card for League of Legends

Contest Goes From Now Till December 25th 2013