Hey Guys Izak147 here to tell you thaat we have just released the newest episode of the TeamVindex Podcast. This is a fifth episode in the series so of course we had a Camera Running on this video version of the show. For the Audio Only Content Check  Out Site In The Podcast section as well as itunes and Stitcher, However if you actually wanna see us on camera check out the Video Version Episode 30 of the Team Vindex Podcast. Here 

The Team Vindex Podcast EP 30 Courtesy Sniff What's up guys izak147 here from bringing you a Christmas version of the TeamVindex podcast. And Being that this is episode 30, a 5th episode of its series this is a live video feed episode so you can see the cohosts on the show on youtube, if your not seeing this on then you are listening to the audio only portion of this show.