New Episode Of The Podcast!!!!

All right so I know that we said that our podcast would usually be out on Mondays and then the full audio video version will be out on Tuesdays. However were thinking of switching those days around quite a bit so now Tuesday will be podcast day (for the site, iTunes and Stitcher) and Wednesday will be video podcast day. Of course, sometimes we might just be generous and give it to you a day earlier who knows.  Check out this week’s podcast Here

Don’t forget that in 2 more episodes till we do a video podcast with actual video footage. Like we said, the video podcast that goes on our YouTube channel will always be there since we cant put full audio quality on our website for iTunes and Stitcher. However, every 5 episodes that video podcast will have actual video feed of us in the podcast studio. Isn’t that just exciting? Yeah, thought so.

As far as Mondays go for current productions we have made filmed 3 different lets play series. We are currently working on releasing said content however you will all finally have some video game related content coming to you soon so stay tuned!!!