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Whats up guys Izak147 Here With Some Amazing News. Episode 19 of the Team Vindex Podcast is now out for your listening pleasure on our website and on itunes and stitcher. The Full audio quality video portion is out now as well!. For those of you who are fans of the Full Audio Quality youtube version we just wanted to remind you that next week will be episode 20 which means the youtube version of our podcast will have video coverage of your fast cast and crew members of the show! Remember, every 5 episodes we shoot the youtube version of the podcast with a video feed for you the listeners!

So hey, check out this weeks episodes for our usual qwerky antics and funny conversation as we did not do an episode last week. Which means we had a lot to get out of our chests.

Make sure to write in to the show to  tell us whatever you want and to answer our listener question of the week

“Who is the hottest male and female character in League Of Legends?”

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