New Podcast, Show, Site And More Content

Whats up guys Izak147 here to let you guys know that we are back! as you have noticed the site has a brand new look and now all of our content (like our youtube videos) are now hosted on our site! just check out the Videos tab and youll be lead directly to an index of all our different shows that are on our youtube channel. Some videos will not be on there due to prior agreements but 99 % of our videos should be on there for your enjoyment. Of course you could still go to our Youtube channel to see all of our videos but we are pushing that everyone should come to our Site ( to watch all our videos first. Because of that all New videos will go live on TeamVindex.Net for a whole week before they are live on youtube. So all our videos will be on youtube however if you wanna see new videos 1 week early than watch them on our site!

With that being said the only videos which will go live both on our site as well as youtube is the Team Vindex Podcast videos and speaking of which heres the one from this week!

And we released our part 5 to the Lets Play League Of Legends here as well! Click Here To Watch It on our Site

The lets Play Hearthstone Part 7 Was Also Released This Week On Our Site Right Here so watch that a week before it hits youtube!

And Once Again guys the RP Giveaway Contest For The Lucky LIstener Of The Team Vindex podcast Is Now Over. We will reveal the winners on our next episode of The Team Vindex Podcast

As for the new show. We have been promising it to you guys for a while and will be releasing it on February 1st 2014. Its The Dungeons And Dragons Adventures or should we say LETS PLAY DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS. STAY TUNED FOR THAT. Subscribe to us on twitter, like us on facebook, follow us on twitter. Look around the site. Our Social Media Stuff Is All Over The Gaff