New Podcast In Awesome New Video Format

Whats up guys! So i know its been a while since we have had a Splash post on out main page but hey were back! So other than the usual hearthstone and league of legends lets plays we are back and taking charge with a new Podcast Video shooting process. Of course our recent episode of the podcast is live on our site, stitcher and Itunes as well as youtube!!! of course the youtube version is a bit more interesting this week. 

As you know every 5 episodes we like to do a video version of our show , this week we have multi camera angled goodness for you  guys to enjoy! so by all means check this out! 

The Team Vindex Podcast EP 35 Side B Whats Up Guys Izak147 Here From Team Vindex bringing you another episode of The Team Vindex Podcast. This weeks episode is a Video episode so be sure to check out the video version on youtube channel at .

Dont forget to mark your calenders for January 31st For the Release of our newest show Lets Play Dungeons And Dragons!

Were always working on more productions for you guys and we cant do it without your support so please share this post, tell your friends about us and hit that awesome Pay Pal donate button on our site to give us some love!!!