After almost a year we finally got the show out to you guys. we wanted to make sure we had a huge backlog of episodes before releasing this so hopefully you all enjoy! we know audio is kind of wierd but every few episodes you Will notice that we change both the audio and video set up to sound and look better than the previous. So cut us some slack. Its not easy recording a production like this or editing it haha. Enjoy :] Next episode will be released on this coming monday and then weekly on thursdays after that. Remember if you want to see new episodes first check em out here on our Video Tab  as they go live on this site 1 week before they go live on youtube! Enjoy! 

Whats up guys! Its here. Granted Its no where near the audio quality of our other productions as were still learning how to best capture sound in a room but hey, HERE IT IS. Our very first in a long series of lets plays in dungeons and dragons!