Team Vindex Needs Your Help!!!!

Hey Guys! I know this might come off a little random and weird, However we all here at Team Vindex need your help now more than ever!  The Evil Machine over at apple released OsX Yosemite and made it darn near impossible for us to LiveStream the Podcast or our gaming streams. So we call on you brave listeners and fans of Team Vindex to donate to our Go Fund Me page in order for us to purchase WireCast 6 (A version which works with Yosemite) 

We usually don't like to do these crowd funding things since we do have out own Donate Button for Team Vindex however these are hard times and we happen to be in desperate need of this software in order to keep producing content like we do. So anything that you can donate would be Extremely helpful and we thank you in advance for being the Best Community in the world for doing so! 

Head on over to GoFund.Me/TeamVindex Or click on this awesome button below