Tuesday March 17th 2014

Hey guys sorry if this is coming a day late however we did want to give you an update of videos that have been released on our site (and youtube by proxy) since our last post.

First Off on March 14th instead of just shooting a video episode of the podcast we did a live stream of the thing to test out our live streaming podcast capabilities for our 1 year anniversary episode which will b on Friday April 18th. The show will be live streamed on my personal twitch channel at Twitch.Tv/Izak147 as well as our site most likely well embed the stream on the Home Page.  

You can listen to the edited podcast on our site as well as Itunes and Stitcher or you can watch the Unedited Podcast Right Here    

Uploaded by TeamVindex on 2014-03-17.

You Can Also Watch The Newest Episode Of The Climb Right Here