Hours of Content To Watch HERE

Hey Guys Lots of content was released this week! here it is! We are just gonna post the videos in mini players so if you would like to see em later just click the Youtube button on the player or the make full screen buttons

Due to a mixup of content last week we are releasing all of these hours of premium content today! WHOOOOOOOOO you can literally sit in front of your computer and watch all this throughout a work shift

For Starters there was a hilarious live stream moments released where you guys can see what goes down during out live stream 

Lets Play Dungeons And Dragons Pt 9 Went live on youtube and Part 10 was live on our site so heres both of them ti check out anyways

The Climb Part 8, 9 and EVEN 10 were released so check them out right here. Since we had a mixup last week were giving you part 10 a day early!!! only on this page