Lots of Videos! #GamersUnite #TeamVindex

WOW Guys We Got Alot To Show ya today!  We might as well rename this day MEGA THURSDAY.  First off we want to remind you to check out of 1 year anniversary podcasf on April 18th at 930 am Pacific @ Twitch.Tv/Izak147

Lets Start Off With Lets Play DND Part 12, Only 2 episodes left in this season Oh my. You can check this out in the videos section but hey well help ya out and give you a button to click on instead

Alot of Buzz Recently About OctoDad The Dadliest Catch Thanks To The Guys Over At Rooster Teeth So We Decided To Do One As Well. This guy is in our Videos Section Under Random Lets Plays but hey we have these awesome buttons so just click it! 

And Also Being Released Is The First Ever Lets Play That Wasnt Edited By Izak147 or Even Recorded By Him. Thats Right This One Was Done By ApplePieMan or Kenny for short. 

Just click this button to see where both of these lets plays are