Anniversary Podcast, DND FINALE and More!

Whats Up Guys izak147 here from Team Vindex bringing you some awesome content this week. First off if you missed the live stream podcast click on the button below to listen to it ( of course its also on itunes and stitcher) or if youd like to watch the Video of the stream itself click on the video below! 

EP 45 1 Year Anniversary Whats Up Guys Izak147 here from TeamVindex bringing you a special One Year Anniversary Podcast! That's right ladies and gents this episode was our 1 year anniversary event which was filled with emails, games, new sounds, nostalgia and a special guest appearance from #GamersUnite Live streamers SNPerez and IAmAlCapwnz for segment known as NAME THAT GAME.

We Also Released our Season One Finale of Lets Play Dungeons And Dragons with an additional wrap up episode where izak and alberticus wrap up the final episodes of Dungeons and Dragons! Click on the button to see both of them!