Its Time For The Climb And More!

Whats Up Guys Izak147 here bringing you the Climb In League Of Legends. Since of course you guys know that you can watch  the newest videos first on Team Vindex. Remember, Just because they may not show up in this specific page they might still be out there on the individual sections under Video. Any who click the giant button to be transported to the section of the site where you will find THE CLIMB

Also guys dont forget to check out another special video that was released this week. it was a special live stream event that we plan on doing more and more called Izaks Day Off. Where i take a day off from doing the climb and all the editing needed to run Team Vindex and just stream any game that comes to mind. This Day Off in particular it was Game Dev Tycoon So click the Giant Button to be transported to the Day Nine Lets Play