Podcast Episode 50 And Dark Souls 2 Pt 2

Hey Guys we have had some good times over the year, and now were about to have more! The Podcast is out now for your Enjoyment and you should totally take a listen by hitting this big button below. Of course you can watch the Youtube version as well by clicking on the video below it! Its also available on Stitcher and Itunes

In Case you have yet to see Dark Souls 2 Part 2 on our site its also available on stitcher for your enjoyment. Check it out here

Hey Guys! Kenny here from Team Vindex bringing you the second part of the Full Play in Dark Souls 2. Hope you enjoy! Watch New Videos First At TeamVindex.Net Follow us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TeamVindexPodcast Follow Us On Twitter @TeamVindex