Team Vindex Weekly Update 8.20.2014

Whats up guys izak147 here from Team Vindex bringing ya another Team Vindex Weekly Update. 

This week we are happy to announce the return of the Team Vindex Podcast. Well sorta. Although we were all super busy we still brought you all a mini show where we recorded late at night and had a few beers so we are rather inebriated. The broadcast was done late as night so if you wanna catch the fun just check out the show on our site by clicking the giant button below. Of course you can always listen to us on iTunes Stitcher and Tune In. The VOD of the broadcast is also below for your enjoyment. If you wanna catch us live follow @TeamVindex on twitter for updates when were live and follow for the Show itself. You can also just come to the site and click on the Livestream button on top to see the Twitch Broadcast. 

Of course there is more Dark Souls action for you guys to enjoy!