Team Vindex Weekly Update 8.6.14

Whats up guys Izak147 here.  I wanted to start of this weeks post with a PSA about the Podcast. Yes I know we have been missing a lot more episodes than usual however it doesn’t mean were going to stop doing the show. The thing is for the month of august we are all rather busy with our day jobs and are required to work extra hours on the weekends (which means Fridays and Saturdays) so we will be missing a few episodes here and there for the month and attendance will be spotty. Hopefully around September we will get back to our usual 1 show a week Till then we hope that you all stay patient and understanding knowing that were trying our best to maintain this schedule. 


Of course the overall goal of Team Vindex is to one day make enough to  allow the cast and crew to quit our jobs and give you all constant content every day of the week however until we achieve that kind of  success were working as hard as we can to do what we can. Thanks for understanding!

But we still have more amazing content for you including Part 3 of Scary Time in Amnesia 

And some more Dark Souls