Team Vindex Weekly Update 9.24.14

Whats up guys! Izak147 here with another Weekly Update! 

First off Podcast Episode 62 Is now live for you to check out on iTunes, Stitcher, and Tune In as well as our site. Click the button below to go to the show or click the video to see the Replay of the Podcast which was live on Friday.

For updates on when to catch us live follow me on twitter @TeamVindex 

This week we have some awesome content for you. For starters a single player lets play (with face cam) of Izak playing the Crucible for his exotic weapon bounty. 

Next we have part 17 of Kennys Full Play In Dark Souls 2

Followed by the 4th part of Eves WoW Adventure 

And if ya missed it last week we totally recommend checking out our Multi Cam lets play of destiny with Izak And Kenny