Team Vindex Weekly Update 9.14.2014

Whats Up Guys Izak147 here bringing you all a brand spanking new weekly update! 

Lets kick off this week with a new episode of the Team Vindex Podcast 

Click the button to go to our show (the same one thats also on iTunes stitcher and tune in 

Or go to the video below for the VOD of the show 

Of course you can always check out our lifestream by following us at

We also got a brand new episode of Eve Plays WoW for you all to check out for those of you Eevians 

Following That we have a brand new Lets Play with Izak and Kenny in Madden15  and yes there is now a face cam

If thats not enough for you check out the Next part in Kennys Lets Play Dark Souls 2 Series