Welcome SimonhutsGaming To Team Vindex And Weekly Update 1.8.2015

First Off guys we got big news! Team Vindex has grown and yes it might just be a little but one more person joining the ranks means more content for all of you to enjoy. Help me in welcoming and introducing you all to SimonHutsGaming coming all the way from the UK. He has his own youtube channel which you can check out HERE and will start providing a new series for all of you to enjoy soon! Of course this also means he will be joining us on the Team Vindex Podcast here and there 

Speaking of Podcasts Episode 74 The Rehash Show is also live on our site iTunes stitcher and tune in so feel free to check that out. If you wanna listen to it on our site just click the big button down below and for the replay of our live stream click the youtube player. If you guys wanna check us out live just follow me on twitter @TEAMVINDEX  to get notifications of when we go live at twitch.tv/izak147 or just click the live stream section up here in the site.

We also got 2 New videos for you guys One is a Full Play in Dragon Age Inquisition with Kenny Part 2 

And We Also have a new show Called Twitch Saints And Sinners done by Izak147 and our newest member SimonHutsGaming. 


And for those of you Lunchcast Fans out there we have a new episode which was made Live on youtube to show you all how to edit. Heres the live stream edited video of The Beef Rib