Team Vindex Weekly Update 2/14/15

whats up guys Izak147 here Writing live from my hospital bed to bring you a Team Vindex Update!

First things first, yes this post is late we know however izak has been sick this entire week and it is because of that why we have limited releases this week and also no podcast is being recorded this week Because Izak has been admitted to the hosptial to deal with his condition. 
I am actually feeling a bit better ( i say this with the IV sticking out of my hands and morphine running through my veins but i do feel better. I had a surgery to fix my problems and i am in recovery hoping to be home soon. Thank you all for all your love 

SO lets get  into content. Podcast was already live on itunes stitcher tune in and youtube however there wasnt a post to tell people it was live haha. Due to my illness. Either way click the giant button to listen to podcast Ep 77 on our site or the youtube video to catch the replay of the live stream where it was recorded.

For your weekly scheduled content we wont have any smash or Saints this week since izak was far too sick to edit them BUT

we do have another Episode of Kennys Full Play Dragon Age Series AND SImonPLays Shovel Knight Part 2 so check em out