Team Vindex Weekly Update 2.27.2015

Whats up guys! Izak147 here Bringing you another Weekly Update!

For starters guys like get into the podcast BUT WAIT did you notice something different on the site? yup we are now Affiliated with Amazon and No Scope Gaming Glasses (and Zoomin.Tv Gams of course). So now guys if ya cant donate you can still help out the show by clicking that awesome amazon button on the site and then do your shopping and we get a percentage of your purchase as a donation to Team Vindex! 

And with no scope well let me just say Click on that bad boy and buy yourself a pair! Even the 19.99 pair is one of the best pairs of gaming glasses you can get your hands on so why not give yourself the edge in your gaming? If MLG allows it then it must be legit. Buy your No Scope Glasses now by clicking on that image to the right! 

alright now for the podcast! Last weeks episode is live on Itunes Stitcher and Tune In titled Ep 78 RIP Harold the Pumpkin. Along with the show where we show cased a just shot video of his burial we have made a formal version of that video to put on youtube. Itll be right below the youtube replay of the Podcast. Now click some shit! 

So this week we return with another Episode of Kennys Full Play Series in Dragon Age Inquisition and A brand new episode of SImon Plays where Simon tries to best the impossible game