Its taken over 4 Years but we promised you guys we will be making another lets play in monopoly


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Podcast Out Now On #Itunes #Stitcher And #TuneIn

Whats Up Guys! Izak147 here bringing you another weekly update. We had a blast last weekend however this weekend we toned it down a tad, We got a new episode of the podcast On Itunes Stitcher and Tune In. You KnoW the rules, You can always watch the VOD Replay by clicking on the YouTube Video or click the black button to be pushed straight to the podcast on our site. Check It Dont Wreck It!

We Also got a Cheeky new episode of Everyones Favorite Couple Simon And Laura With DateNight in MineCraft 

Team Vindex Weekly Update 1.28.2015 Smash, Dragons, Twitch And British Content?

Whats up guys izak147 here bringing you another Weekly Update.

For starters there was no podcast recorded this week due to someone in Eves family passing away so we do apologize for that and if you guys can give your condolences to Eve that would be awesome. We hope to be back this week but then 

My desk decided to die on me and if you dont know everything on Team Vindex runs from my desk so although i have ordered a new one we are stuck waiting for it to arrive. hopefully we can at least do an offline podcast if anything. 


However guys we do have lots of Content for you this week! To start us off we have the part 4 to Kennys Full Play series in Dragon Age 


Followed by that we have an all new Lets Play in Super Smash Bros for the Wii U with Izak and Kenny check that out to the right >>>

And We also have the part 3 of our highly controversial video series Twitch Saints and Sinners!

And Last but not least The British side of Team Vindex, Simonhutsgaming has uploaded his first video EVER to Team Vindex (yes we know hes on saints and sinners but thats a co op) And hes bringing us into the dark scary world of Alchemilla